polymer_zen (polymer_zen) wrote,

Emmuzka writes: So I decided to try those skull beads again.

I decided to make a light colored skull on a black bead. No so smart. But I have done skulls before and it was easy! Yeah, well, I didn't note that firstly, black clay has so much pigment that it will smudge alot. Secondly, the black clay was ultra soft when the natural white clay was hard. You'll see later what problems this caused.

So, here is the scull itself. It took the whole package of Fimo and as I didn't have any more of that particular color, I crafted in fear of the clay running out ;)

Here with the black clay.

I took this pic to show how short the original cane was. Took excatly one package of each color, by the way.

Now you can see the problem. I thought that the white clay would get softer and therefore I didn't bother to smoothe the scull enough. Now, when the cane is reduced, you can see that the edges of the scull were left too bumpy. And I didn't like the skull design.

So there you have it, the first 30 beads, and I have more than enough left. A bit smudged, and I don' like the design. And there are fingerprints on the clay. Yay. But one can't win everytime.

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